How to Control CO2 & O2 Quality For Brewing

Carbon dioxide and oxygen play essential roles in brewing and beverage processing. But how does a Brewer or Operator manage and monitor the levels in their products?

The Pentair Haffmans Gehaltemeter delivers proven technology for accurate and precise carbon dioxide (CO2) and oxygen (O2) measurements. The Gehaltemeter can provide superior quality control on your products at the tank, filler, process line, or in the package.

Why chose Pentair Haffmans Gehaltemeters?

  • Portable and reliable in harsh conditions
  • Friendly operation for Brewers

Upgrade to the New Generation of Gehaltemeter now!

Greater Control:

  • The model c-DGM measures the temperature, dissolved oxygen (DO), total package oxygen (TPO), and CO2 of one liquid sample. Our i-DGM model measures temperature and CO2.

Better Insights:

  • New navigator software for easy data analysis.

Latest Technology:

  • New larger color display for optimized operation and readability

Complete Accessory Package:

  • Service Set
  • Protective Bumper
  • Set of Hoses
  • Navigator Software

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