R-Cap Process Equipment is a leading beer brewing equipment supplier in the commercial brewing industry. We provide manufacturers’ insight on process equipment for micro-breweries, large production breweries, and everything in between.  Whether you want to expand your brewery, open a new brewery site, or simply upgrade your commercial beer brewing equipment, we can help you customize your brewhouse and brewery process.

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The Commerical Brewing Equipment We Offer

Pentair Haffmans is the leader in quality control for monitoring and analyzing product characteristics such as: CO2, O2, TPO, Turbidity, and Foam Stability.

Ampco is a reliable manufacture for pumping solutions of beer, yeast, and other fluid transfer applications. They also provide hop induction solutions for better hop yields. Their products are high-quality, competitively priced, and delivered fast straight to you.

Tawi makes advanced systems for lifting kegs, packages, and bags that take part in the beer production process. These products come in various models and lifting capacities that allow for effortless lifting.


AGC provides excellent heat transfer efficiencies and savings for all your brewing applications such as chilling of wort before going to the Fermenter.

Enerquip sources high-quality shell and tube heat exchangers that can be customized for specific brewing applications.

Sterling chillers can be designed for brewery wide cooling of fermenters and brite tanks or down to individual applications such as wort cooling.

Bornemann produces industry-leading twin screw-style pumps that are designed for gentle handling of solids, viscous slurries, and dual duty set ups for product transfer and CIP.

As the market’s leading vacuum conveyor manufacturer, Piab has innovative solutions for common dry material handling applications, such yeast transfer and bulk material conveying

How We Provide Premium Commercial Brewing Equipment

We partner with the most reputable manufacturers in the beer brewing industry to provide the best brewery equipment to breweries nationwide. Whatever sized brewery you operate, we have the brewing equipment you need to maximize output and increase profits.

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What Kind of Brewery Are You Outfitting?

There are three main types of breweries in today’s beer market: small-batch craft, mid-sized craft, and large production. The type of brewery you plan to operate will determine what kind of equipment you need for brewing the beer. Our goal is to provide breweries with efficient commercial brewing equipment that facilitates maximum beer production to expand their profits.

Small Batch Craft

Small-batch craft breweries—the most common ones being micro-breweries, startups, brewpubs, and taprooms—are designed for local beer production and distribution. These breweries produce anywhere from five to 20 BBL annually, which is equivalent to 155 to 620 gallons of beer.

They use standard, commercial micro-brewing equipment that’s available in various sizes and configurations. The equipment is easy to connect to on-site utilities and allows for future production growth.

Mid-Sized Craft

Mid-sized craft breweries produce and distribute beer regionally. They use equipment designed for businesses that have expanded beyond microbrewery production and need to make a greater volume at a faster rate. These breweries produce anywhere from 30 to 100 BBL annually, which is equivalent to 930 to 3,100 gallons of beer.

Their equipment offers more advanced automation options than micro-brewery equipment, which provides greater production efficiency. It’s easy to connect to on-site utilities and can be further customized to fit your specific brewing needs.

Large Production Brewery

Large production breweries are designed for national and international beer production and distribution. They produce more than 100 BBL annually, which is equivalent to more than 3,100 gallons of beer.

The biggest names in beer production use large-production brewery equipment to keep up with greater market demands. This equipment is completely customizable and allows for maximum daily output.

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