Do you want to make your production process more efficient, enhance automation, reduce errors, and maximize profits? A process system from R-Cap Process Equipment can provide immediate benefits that will enhance your production process, improve product quality, and create efficiencies. Keep reading to learn more about how you can benefit from a high-quality process control system.

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What Is a Process Control System?

A Process System can be a small skid that performs one specific process repeatedly to a production room size system that includes multiple functions and variable capabilities while utilizing automated or semi-automated controls.

One example of a small or single-function process system is mixing a formula to be used or added to another process down the line. A more complex system not only mixes a formula but also performs heat transfer or transfers the product to other areas in your facility.

Our sanitary process systems adhere to sanitary standards across various industries. Our team also works with customers to meet any other requirements provided.

Reliable Support

At R-Cap, we’re committed to delivering excellent customer service and exceeding your expectations. When you partner with us, you never have to go it alone. Our team works with you every step of the way to ensure the seamless installation and operation of your process equipment. From project scoping, design and engineering, and project management to material and component sourcing, fabrication, installation, and start-up, we do it all. That’s how we develop long-lasting relationships with customers like you.

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Process Automation Systems We’re Experts In

  1. Batch or Continuous Style Mixing: Load and mix ingredients easier than ever using the batch or continuous style mixing method.
  2. CIP (Clean-In-Place): Sanitize surfaces throughout production without disassembling your equipment.
  3. Heat Transfer: Heat, cool, condense, and evaporate products with a reliable heat transfer system.
  4. Powder Induction: Mix liquid powders with greater efficiency and flexibility with the help of a powder induction system.
  5. Bulk Bag Discharge: Make your bulk bag unloading process more efficient with a bulk bag discharge system.
  6. Solvent Recovery: Reduce production costs by recycling solvent with a solvent recovery system.
  7. Batch or Continuous Evaporation: Maintain ideal process temperatures with the help of continuous evaporation.
  8. Hot Water/Cooling Systems: Achieve and maintain your desired temperature with chillers, cooling towers, and more.
  9. Pneumatic Conveying: Minimize your maintenance needs and increase safety with pneumatic conveying.
  10. Product Metering: Enhance production efficiency, increase safety, and cut costs through product metering.
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4 Benefits of Efficient Process Control

Energy Savings

We size equipment to meet your specific application requirements to ensure efficient energy consumption and maximize your savings.

Improved Safety

We can customize our process systems to meet your facility’s safety standards. We provide safety features such as safety interlocks, functional and ergonomic designs, and sound structural design for each piece of equipment.

High-Quality Products

By regulating metrics and minimizing production errors, process control equipment ensures every product is of the highest quality.

Lower Manufacturing Costs

Enhanced energy efficiency and reduced errors during production lower your operating costs.


Why You Should Choose R-Cap Process Equipment

With various options to choose from in today’s market, why would you choose R-Cap Process Equipment to meet your process control system needs? Here are just a few reasons to consider:

  • Our process systems can be fabricated and delivered on a skid with equipment installed and pre-wired for quick, easy installation
  • Superior quality for welding and fabrication
  • Cost and time savings since we handle component research and selection for you through our existing vendor network
  • Single PO for the complete fabrication of your project
  • Process efficiency by working with you to determine optimal footprint with consideration for process and maintenance needs
  • Better lead times

Enhance Your Production Processes With R-Cap

Whether you want to produce higher-quality products or need to reduce manufacturing costs, we have the process equipment you need to accomplish your production goals. First, fill out our online form or call us at 847-750-4814 to get the ball rolling. We’ll help you with everything from discussing equipment options to creating a custom order. Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered.

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