Design to Build Process System

Process System Custom Designs by R-Cap R-Cap has worked with multiple companies and businesses to make custom equipment and machinery – from design to build. If you’re in any of the following industries, click these links to learn more about the equipment we can provide or design for you: –Food & Beverage –Beauty & Cosmetics –Pharmaceutical –Dairy –Chemical –Cannabis Planning

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Tomato Paste Drum Unloading and Mixing System

R-Cap Food Mixing Processing Equipment Here’s a picture of us finalizing some tests prior to shipment for a tomato paste drum unloading and mixing application. If you’re in the food & beverage industry as well, visit this page to learn more about how we can help – or if you need an entire process worked out, visit here!   Talk

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Multi Level Batch Tank

Multi Level Batch Tank: A tank that can do it all…nicknamed “Rocking & Rolling”, as R-Cap has installed two Admix high shear mixers as apart of this batch tank. Our customer came to us with a need to be able to mix a variety of different batch volumes, include very low volumes. Having the in-tank Rotosolver and bottom entry Flowshear models, provides

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R&D Process Skids

R&D Process Skids by R-Cap We’re excited to finish up one our latest projects that will give our customer the capability for new product R&D. Talk with R-Cap about how we can help you with R&D, as well as scaling up to larger production volumes. R-Cap specializes in Mixing, Heating, Cooling, & Material Handling.

More information on Brawn Mixers

Sterling Temperature Control Unit

The ultimate way to control temperature for you process. More information: Sterling Temperature Control Unit 


Sterling High Efficiency Central Chillers

R-Cap offers Sterling’s latest in efficient, reliable Central Chilling Systems. Combining smart technology with modular capabilities, these chillers are designed to reduce downtime and grow with expanding application needs. Individual unit cooling capacities range from 20 – 120 tons and can be paralleled to reach up to 600 tons.


PRO8 Upgrade by AGC

Designed specifically for the food & beverage industry! This AGC plate operates in Pro8-S, Pro8-SH, Pro8-M, Pro8-H and Pro8-D units and is an upgrade in Clip8-RM, Clip8-RH, Front8-RM, Front8-RH, Front8-RD, C8-SM, C8-SH and C8-KSH units. Contact R-Cap today to upgrade your existing plate and frame heat exchanger.


Pilot Scale Mixer – High Shear for Smaller Batches

The Admix RS-02 high shear pilot mixer offers processors an excellent solution for product development, formula optimization, trial mixtures and small production runs. This popular pilot scale mixer has a redesigned, easy to operate lift stand, and is portable, making it easier to transport within your product development test labs and production areas. RS-02 Features: Patented high shear Rotosolver mixer

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R-Cap is here to support your business

To our valued customers: We understand your operations are critical during this time. As we hope everyone remains safe and healthy, we would like to inform you that all R-CAP Process Equipment, Inc. offices and personnel will remain open and fully operational to help with any of equipment and parts needs for your processing facility. R-CAP has been recognized by

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