R-CAP Process Equipment is primarily a new equipment supplier and not a used equipment dealer. However, we are often aware of used equipment at customer locations. Because of this, we are in a unique position to put buyers and sellers together.

R-CAP does not store equipment; all items listed below are at the seller’s location. We do not know the integrity of these items and do not offer any warranty or provide assurance as to their suitability for your process. Only you can make that determination.

However, we generally have seen or can go and look at equipment upon request and offer our opinions. We will not list junk, only items that look to have some useful life. We do not list just anything but products from high-quality manufacturers that were most likely of good design and construction when new and likely have parts still available. Click here to learn more.

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Alfa Laval Plate Heat Exchangers
Alfa Laval Contherm Heat Exchangers
APV/Crepaco Plate Heat Exchangers
APV/Crepaco Scrape Surface
Heat Exchangers
Cherry Burrell Scrape Surface
Heat Exchangers
Votator Heat Exchangers
Admix Mixers
Arde Barinco Mixers
Brawn Mixers
Cleveland Eastern Mixers
Lightning Mixers
Ross Mixers
Sharpe Mixers
Silverson Mixers
Scott Mixers
Groen Kettles
Lee Kettles
Hamilton Kettles
A&B Process Systems Tanks
Apache Stainless Tanks
APV / Crepaco Tanks
Cherry Burrell Tanks
Custom Fabrication & Repair Tanks
DCI Tanks
Lee Tanks
Mueller Tanks
Northland Stainless Tanks
Walker Stainless Tanks