R-Cap Process Equipment Awarded for being a top Sales Representative for Piab’s Vacuum Conveyor Division


R-Cap has continuously delivered successful sales and service for Piab’s Vacuum Conveyor division for two decades. As a Sales Representative and Distributor, part of R-Cap’s core expertise is Vacuum Conveyor technology and delivering solutions to customers through moving dry and bulk powders in a processing facility. Our team’s tenured experience and product knowledge has fostered continuous success with Piab. R-Cap’s success with Piab can be seen across several industries. Primary industries include sanitary processing facilities in Food, Beverage, Cosmetic, Diary, and Pharmaceutical.

We are proud to receive two awards from Piab in 2021 for our performance: The Circle of Excellence and the Platinum Award. The Circle of Excellence was awarded for R-Cap being able to meet and exceed annual sales targets that were set by Piab. The Platinum Award was given to R-Cap for our sales exceeding $250,000 and growth over the previous year.

With Piab as a core manufacture in R-Cap’s Vendor Network, we have been able to offer their high quality and effective solutions to our customers. R-Cap’s relationship with Piab has had a strong history and we continue to strengthen it through future opportunities as successful business partners.

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