Sterling Hybrid Adiabatic Cooling System

Sterling’s Hybrid Adiabatic Cooling System is a freeze proof solution that combines dry air cooling during the cooler months of the year with evaporative cooling during the warmer months, creating a true hybrid cooling system. It provides exceptional savings in water, energy, and maintenance while providing dependable, safe process cooling for nearly any application – in any environment. By eliminating standing water in the system, the potential for harmful bacteria growth is practically eliminated. With the closed-loop system, intelligent controls and robust fabrication – the Hybrid Adiabatic Cooing System is an efficient, flexible, and sustainable approach to process cooling.

Mechanical Features

  • Stainless steel frame
  • Misting nozzles — thermoplastic, (2) per section on each side
  • Aluminum fins — standard configuration is 14 fins per inch,phenolic epoxy coated.
  • Standard Output: Fans — 35” fan / 3 hp motor on 32.5”
  • High Output: Fans — 38” fan / 5 hp motor on 70”
  • Fins come with a phenolic epoxy coating
  • Controls, Carel c.Pco PLC Control
  • Controls fan cycling & water spray
  • PID fan staging control, setpoint is the temperature that activates the first fan.
  • Ethernet connectivity with pump tank standard.
  • Glycol Additives: EG (Ethylene glycol) organic compound additive, PG (Propylene glycol) Used in food processing and considered safer for human and animal exposure

Sterling Royal Series Water Temperature Control Unit