You deserve the best of the best. That’s why we offer the Sterlco® TC130 Series.

Meet the most advanced TCU from Sterling. This latest innovation features increased options for maximum flexibility, along with state-of-the-art controls and a 3.5” HMI color screen.

These advanced controls provide predictive maintenance features as well as intelligent capabilities like Pressure Adaptive Technology utilizing digital pressure transducers. Troubleshooting is made easy via USB data logging and remote monitoring—and you’ll experience the longevity and reliability of Sterling products. To Get Sterling TC 130 Series Temperature Control Unit, Contact R-Cap today.

Sterling TC 130 Series Temperature Control Unit

Standard Features:

  • Compact design with easy-access side panels for rapid maintenance
  • Programmable auto vent sequence to automatically vent air from the system at start-up
  • Independent high-temperature safety thermostat to protect from heater overload
  • Motor branch circuit overcurrent/overload protection
  • Integrated cooling solenoid valves for efficient unit cooling
  • Pressure transducers with digital readout
  • Non-fused lockable rotary through door disconnect
  • 9kW dual circuit immersion heater with IEC contractors
  • Operator friendly PID temperature controller with Process and Setpoint readouts and straightforward unit performance data
  • New M5 controller with 3.5” color screen HMI
  • 150 PSIG (10.3 bars) pressure relief valve
  • SICB/carbon pump seal to maximize pump life
  • 0.75” water supply connection, 1.5” process connections; valve size matches drain size
  • USB data logging
  • Pressure adaptive technology
  • Contactor cycle life monitoring
  • Quick cool for rapid unit cooling

Optional Features:

  • 12 kW, 18 kW, or 24 kW heater options, 36 kW & 48 kW for upright units
  • Maintained START/STOP switch
  • Closed-loop heat exchanger, model varies with unit sizes
  • General fault audio/visual alarm to alert operators of unit issues
  • Pressure regulator/relief valve for water supply
  • Auto system water purge
  • Y-strainer to protect the unit from high particulate fluid
  • 300°F (149°C) operations

Additional Benefits

Intelligent Design

Pressure adaptive technology
Digital pressure transducers
State-of-the-art M5 controller


Contactor cycle life indicator
USB data logging for improved analysis & troubleshooting
Automatically cycles between half & full heat


Better controls
Predictive maintenance
Extended warranty