Hydro-Thermal SilverLine™ Smart Cooking System:

The SilverLine is a streamlined, self-contained, polished stainless steel system designed to replicate processing profiles exactly as specified. Its simple design and appearance are deceptive. Sterilized water is directly infused into the food as it courses through the heart of the SilverLine, the Infuze™ cooker.

The SilverLine also delivers extremely consistent quality in every run. Imagine having meticulously predictable results in a smart cooking system that drives up productivity and shreds maintenance costs up to 50%.

Sanitary 3A, CE certified and FDA compliant, stainless steel system for starches, slurries and high solid products.

Volume capability: 5 up to 200 gpm [1.1 up to 45 m³/hr]


Soups, sauces, beverages, dairy based products, tomato based products, starch based products, high or low shear products, pasteurization, batch or continuous processing. 

A continuous, innovative cooking system that can save 15% – 20% of your steam energy use, while have having a smaller footprint and cleaner design that can replace larger equipment.

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silverline cooking system