HYDRO-THERMAL NOH (Non-Obstructing Heater)

The latest innovation from Hydro-Thermal is here.

With over 85 years of experience, Hydro-Thermal knows how to create quality products that bring streamlined performance to any application. Their newest innovation—called the NOH—is a testament to that. The NOH’s straight tube allows unrestricted flow, prevents pressure drops, and heats slurries without plugging or fouling. Its rugged design and make-up allow it to handle abrasive materials with minimal wear and tear on internal parts.


  • Thick, viscous slurries  – Pulp bleaching, cellulosic ethanol, meat slurry
  • Products with particulates – Diced vegetables and blanching
  • Anything abrasive or corrosive – Mining and metals
  • Stringy products – Municipal and industrial wastewater
  • Inline water heating with a large temperature rise


  • Low-pressure drop
  • Unrestricted flow
  • Quiet, noise minimizing design
  • Rugged, able to handle abrasive materials (such as sand or grit) or large particulate/fibrous materials
  • No special tools needed for maintenance
  • Reduction in steam leakage
  • Large range of operation
  • Trim heating control for high turndown