Service and Parts for Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers

R-Cap is here for you when it is time to have a Plate Check done on your plate and frame heat exchanger. Or even if you need spare gaskets or plates, give us a call and we can help you out immediately. Even more, are you interested in learning more about your AGC unit? We’d be more than happy to set up a full day of training with AGC representatives to provide continuing education to your operators.

AGC Heat Transfer

Replacement Parts

OEM Quality Gaskets and Plates for any make including APV, Alfa-Laval, Tetra Pak, Mueller, Tranter and GEA
NBR, EPDM and other materials in stock
Regasketing service available
Large inventory


R-Cap offers complete plate heat exchanger regasketing services for ALL AGC Heat Transfer makes and models.

8 Step process
Fully cleaned, dye checked, oven cured
Fast service
Full plate and gasket inventory
OEM quality

Plate Check

Our Plate Check plate heat exchanger testing method is the industry standard and is one of the only methods that meets the new 3A standard 11-09.  The test has been used successfully for over 20 years.

Our test includes:

  • Checks 100% of the plate surface for pin-holes and precisely identifies the location in one simple test
  • Checks for gasket, frame, plate wear/corrosion and CIP response.
  • Unit to be opened as little as once.  All sections tested at the same time.
  • 3-4 hours typical total test time per HTST Pasteurizer.
  • Hydrodynamic pressure test using exclusive food grade inhibited dye (AGC RI-606) and plain water.
  • No chemicals, heat and no BOD added to the waste stream
  • Please contact us for cost effective price on this 3A recommended service.

Damaged Frame Replacement:

R-Cap can provide complete NEW replacement AGC frames or frame components. Furthermore, most components are completely interchangeable with existing frames. As a result, we can even upgrade your existing CR5 or R51 manual frame to a full hydraulic closure. All frames will line up with existing piping so replacement is quick and easy.

AGC PHE101 Course

Empower your staff with a working knowledge and appreciation of your facilities plate heat exchanger or PHE’s. Additionally, an educated team will help to reduce equipment downtime, prevent costly mistakes, promote team work and increase equipment longevity.

Course participants will learn the basics of gasketed plate heat exchanger components, proper assembly, troubleshooting, and reading/understanding the manufacture’s drawings.

Course Outline

 Heat Exchanger Frame Basics -Hydraulic, manual, tie-bolt styles

· Plate Basics – Plate and gaskets, identification and function

· Plate arrangement and fluid flow -Understanding your specific unit flow drawings.

· Proper assembly and Troubleshooting -leaking or blowing plates, plate wear

· Inspection of PHE – Frame, Plates & gaskets as well as CIP (clean-in-place) response.

· Hands on Training – using a tabletop Plate unit and/or one of your production units.

· Knowledge Verification – Testing

*Note: course outline can be adjusted to satisfy specific plant needs and objectives. Training course approx. 4 hours in length per session.

Develop confidence and understanding by working with specific PHE’s (plate heat exchangers) in your plant.

Confidently verify CIP (clean-in-place) effectiveness.

Knowledge verification test is given to satisfy proficiency training guidelines.

Convenient on-site sessions available.