AGC Heat Exchangers

Are you looking for a way to make your daily production activities more efficient? You can’t go wrong with an AGC heat exchanger. AGC heat exchangers are the most efficient type of heat exchanger on the market for various industries—including prepared foods, beverages, brewing, and dairy. Keep reading to learn more about common applications for AGC heat exchangers in these industries.

From heating & cooling dairy products such as milk & cheese to chemical & pharmaceutical products, AGC Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers can provide you with excellent heat transfer efficiencies & savings for a variety of applications and products. R-Cap’s in-depth knowledge & experience with heat transfer applications will provide expert opinions to best optimize your process with Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers.

What Is an AGC Heat Exchanger?

An AGC heat exchanger is a type of plate heat exchanger, which is a type of heat exchanger that transfers heat between two fluids that are separated by metal plates. These exchangers are highly efficient in transferring thermal energy from one fluid to another while keeping them physically separated.

The main purpose of a plate heat exchanger is to facilitate heat exchange between the two fluids without them coming into direct contact, which is particularly useful when the fluids have different properties or when there is a risk of contamination.

Prepared Foods

Why Use a Plate Heat Exchanger for Prepared Foods?

While traditional plate and frame heat exchangers can easily burn or freeze prepared foods—like soups and sauces—AGC heat exchangers provide rapid heat transfer to prevent unwanted flavors and textures. This model does so by preserving the ingredients’ natural properties during heat transfer.

Viscous Product Applications

AGC heat exchangers are used for everything from ketchup and mustard cooling to soup and sauce heating. They’re also effective for high-viscosity fluids by preserving the food particles without breaking them during the process.

Examples of Prepared Foods:

Here are some examples of prepared foods that benefit from an AGC heat exchanger during production.

  1. Marinara Sauce
  2. Alfredo
  3. Ketchup
  4. Mustard 
  5. BBQ Sauce


Why Use a Plate Heat Exchanger for Beverages?

AGC heat exchangers offer many benefits for beverage production, including:

  • Heating and cooling beverages while maintaining a consistent temperature
  • Producing high-value products with longer shelf lives
  • Improving quality standards
  • Cutting cleaning and maintenance costs by reducing energy usage, lowering pressure losses, and increasing sanitization standards
  • Achieving higher production efficiency

Product Applications

These advanced heat exchangers are used to perform the following tasks:

  • Pasteurize standard and pulpy fruit juices
  • Pasteurize and cool energy and soft drinks
  • Fill hot and cold beverages
  • Treat bottled water

Examples of Beverage Applications

Below are common beverage applications that AGC heat exchangers perform.

  1. Fruit Juice
  2. Tea
  3. Sports drinks
  4. Water and flavored water
  5. Sodas 
  6. Wine


Why Use a Plate Heat Exchanger for Brewing?

AGC heat exchangers benefit the brewing process by:

  • Accelerating the pasteurized beer cooling process, resulting in more efficient production and reduced energy costs
  • Balancing heat transfer and fluid flow

Product Applications

AGC heat exchangers are helpful for:

  • Preparing beer for fermentation
  • Heating and cooling beer wort
  • Removing heat from wort

Examples of Brewing Applications

Common brewing applications include the following:

  1. Beer
  2. Cider


Why Use a Plate Heat Exchanger for Dairy Products?

AGC heat exchangers benefit dairy production by:

  • Reducing downtime and operating costs by minimizing pressure decreases and maximizing the efficiency of the cleaning cycle
  • Simplifying the cleaning process
  • Accelerating maintenance steps

Product Applications

Common heat exchanger applications in the dairy industry include:

  • Cooling dairy products until they reach their desired storage temperature for bottling and storing
  • Heating dairy products for pasteurization purposes
  • Preventing evaporation
  • Pasteurizing milk and cheese

Examples of Dairy Applications

Dairy industry workers use AGC heat exchangers to produce these household products:

  1. Milk
  2. Yogurt
  3. Cheese
  4. Ice Cream

R-Cap Process Equipment: The Leading Provider of AGC Heat Exchangers

From heating and cooling to pasteurization, AGC heat exchangers enhance the efficiency of your everyday production operations, which reduces operating costs and increases your bottom line. Want to see how an AGC heat exchanger can benefit your business? Contact our team of equipment experts to discuss your options and find the right product for you.

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