TAWI Vacuum Lifting System for Kegs, Packages, or Bags

R-CAP Process Equipment is a preferred supplier for TAWI, allowing breweries and their operations team to streamline their processes. This TAWI vacuum lift allows your team to lift kegs, packages, or bags with ease.

TAWI stainless steel vacuum lifters are available in a wide range of models, lifting up to 600 lbs. Lift products effortlessly with the strength of TAWI—from unwrapped food to large boxes to sensitive chemical products. TAWI lifters feature a sanitary design that meets the strict requirements within the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Tawi Smart Lifting

Lift and rotate – in one motion objects

Meet the TAWI Multifunctional Lifter. This lifter allows you to grip from the top or side, lift higher, and get into hard-to-reach pallet racks. With this multifunctional lifter, your overall working process becomes easier, smoother, and faster.

Wide selection of tools for lifting one or multiple products
Rotate 360 degrees and place with precision
Ergonomic handle to ensure a comfortable working position
Suction feet for paper and plastic bags
Lift up to 600 lbs
Adjust lifting height with fingertip precision
Tawi Smart Vacuum Lifting System