“I’m sold!” Animal Nutrition Manufacture Buys High Shear Mixer

A local customer, who is an animal nutrition manufacture got in touch with Admix about wanting a new hygienic high shear mixer for a new application. They have an Admix Rotostat high shear mixer from 28 years ago which still works great, but they were interested in the Rotosolver because of its high shear head has no moving parts, making it easier to clean and maintain.

As R-Cap is the local sales representative for Admix, they got us in touch with the customer to support their needs. We went into their facility, performed a test made possible by the 5-gallon/20-liter portable demo unit supplied by Admix. A 10-liter test was run with their powder ingredients with incredible success. The customer was able to see in person how fast the powders were dissolved and dispersed, while becoming 100% homogenous. With the test successfully taking only a couple of minutes, the customer immediately commented, “I’m sold!”.

Afterwards, R-Cap and Admix worked together as partners to propose a scaled-up production size Rotosolver with geometry of new single shell stainless steel tank to support a 150 gallon batch. Tank geometry and mixer placement were important as the product, additives for microbial animal nutrition, was prone to foaming. A scaled up Rotosolver mixer will achieve the same results as small batches with Admix’s process assurance guarantee. 

The customer received a complete package from R-Cap that not only includes a new Rotosolver and tank, but a tank outlet butterfly valve, and a control panel for operation of the mixer and the valve for discharge. We expect to not only see process improvements made, but also efficiencies gained with a packaged solution provided R-Cap to this customer. 

Give us a call at R-Cap today to discuss how we can help you with reducing mixing time, improving product quality and yields, while lowering energy consumption.





R-Cap Process Equipment, Inc is an authorized representative of Admix, Inc.

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