Process Mixing Equipment

PMO Mix Proof Tank Outlet Valve

Pentair Südmo’s PMO Mix Proof Tank Outlet Valve is designed to be installed, pocket-free, directly on the tank outlet. The double seat design of the PMO Tank Outlet Valve ensures that there is no possibility of cleaning solution contaminating the product in the vessel. This means dairy processors can safely clean the line from the tank to the manifold while product is in the tank, and ensures that when the product is transferred out of the tank it will pass through a clean line thereby reducing the possibility of product contamination.

Due to the patented design of Pentair Südmo’s PMO Mix Proof Tank Outlet Valve the leak detect chamber is 100% drainable. This valve is also available in a tangential option which, when mounted horizontally, means there is no sump in the valve housing where product or CIP fluid can gather, allowing full drainability of the valve. This valve can be retro-fitted into existing installations, including those with low outlets.


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