Heavy-duty jobs need heavy-duty equipment.

That’s why we offer custom fabricated stainless steel tanks and kettles. We’ll work with you to develop the perfect solution for your needs—whether that’s a hemispherical bottom jacket kettle or one of our many competitively priced tanks. You can even add mixers and get pressure-rated certifications or vacuum-rated certifications.

Talk to our experts about our offerings for your processing needs. We work through our vendor network to prescribe the solution you need. Ask about adding agitation to your vessel, whether it including a scrape or sweep agitator. We also can include in-tank mixers alongside. R-Cap can design the vessel that you need, no matter how large or small of capacity.

Applications R-Cap works with:

  • Storage vessels for raw ingredients or finished product
  • Mixing
  • Processors
  • Heat transfer
  • Pressure or vacuum
  • Single Shell
  • Silos