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Sudmo Valve Control Units


Pentair Südmo’s innovation in intelligent communication – valve control unit IntelliTop 2.0– is designed specifically to increase plant efficiency by controlling, monitoring and reporting on all process plant valve functions.



  • Reliable system process monitoring
  • Simple, intuitive and fast implementation
  • Process valve switching times adjustable with built-in inlet and outgoing air throttles
  • Bright LED beacon, visible from all sides, for easy valve seat detection for all open/close/seat lift cleaning positions
  • Simplified valve maintenance with service function activated from outside
  • Customized adjustments with a built-in microcontroller
  • Short air hose and cable routes for clear structure and reduced installation costs
  • Fast and easy fault analysis and rectification
  • Reducing system downtimes
  • Small and compact to fit in tight areas


Pentair Südmo’s IntelliTop 2.0 valve control unit combines process valve triggering and monitoring in one unit. Located on the process valves, these decentralized control heads make it easy to reduce hose and cable lengths, which simplifies system design and reduces installation work. The valve position and communication faults are easy to see from any angle or distance. The system shortens start-up, monitors plant functions and quickly identifies a component or communication issue. This results in faster response times and virtually eliminates downtime in the process systems.

The green, yellow and red signal colors of the control top can be assigned for the specific needs of each process system. The IntelliTop 2.0’s- path measuring system tracks up to three of the process valve’s switching positions. Valve control unit IntelliTop enables a simple set-up with the three programmable buttons assures fast and reliable process start-up. The convenient service function of this allows fast and reliable process valve servicing with the control head being always closed for protection. The small size of the IntelliTop 2.0 and its state-of-the-art industrial design give this system an appealing appearance while ensuring optimum external cleaning.

Valve Control Unit Südmo - image 3

Everywhere, where process valves are used and controlled.