Process Mixing Equipment

Sudmo Constant Pressure Valves


Südmo Constant Pressure Vavles T 725 KV are designed for maintaining a reliable, repeatable back pressure on process lines with varying flow rates and viscosities.


  • “Set and forget” self-regulating air supply unit
  • Low cost seal kit eliminates expensive diaphragm
  • Dual air supply for actuation during CIP to ensure 100% cleaning
  • No automation feedback loops required to ensure accurate constant back pressure
  • One-piece balanced solid stainless steel plug


Pentair Südmo’s T 725 KV constant pressure valve maintains a manually pre-set static pressure in the valve inlet (input pressure) regardless of the momentary volume flow and well pressure behind the valve. A balanced valve plate, reliable sealing equipment in housing and the robust design without any dead spaces make this valve a simple and reliable unit.

The hygienic Pentair Südmo constant pressure valve keeps the input pressure to the valve on a constant level. That means that it can be used on separators, heat exchangers or similar process equipment that require a constant pressure level to work correctly. Beyond this, it can be used in extraction loops to guarantee a constant pressure level. This makes it ideal for applications in the beverage and food industries.

Constant Pressure Valve Südmo - image 3
  • Separators in liquid milk and cheese facilities
  • Milk standardization systems
  • Utility header returns
  • Filling operations