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Admix VacuShear Sanitary Vacuum Liqui-Processor

VacuShear Sanitary Vacuum Liqui-Processor

The VacuShear provides the most ergonomic, accurate, fastest vacuum conveying and feeding up to 400 pounds per minute of powder to make up liquid slurries. As a result, there is field installations ranging from 20 to 1500 gallons, we have the expertise and experience to assist you in designing a complete system whether you are handling 50 lb. bags or 2,000 lb. Super Sacs.





  • Vacuum convey, subsurface feed, and mix in one step
  • Eliminates en-trained air and foaming while mixing
  • Reduce dusting while feeding dry ingredients
  • Provides more ergonomic powder addition
  • Supplied Rotosolver high shear mixer
    (complies with 3-A Standard #73-01)
  • No bottom seals or wearing parts in product zone
  • Designed for full process automation when integrated with flowmeters and gain-in-weight controls on load cells. Also available as manually operated pilot scale mixer.
  • Stainless steel construction

How It Works

  1. Liquid materials are introduced into the mix tank to a level of 1/2 to full batch height. The Rotosolver is turned on from the mixer control panel.
  2. The vacuum pump is engaged whereby vacuum builds in the tank, providing positive suction at the in-tank delivery tube.
  3. Dry powders, solids, semi-solids or liquids are introduced via the vacuum delivery system directly from bags, drums, bag dump stations or loss-in-weight feeders. A unique benefit is the ability to store and convey all materials from a remote, dry area and avoid messy clean-ups of typical powder additions. Powder feed rates up to 400 lbs/min will automatically occur as vacuum is maintained.
  4. All dry materials are introduced below the liquid level immediately at the mixing head. Constant vacuum eliminates aeration, foaming and dusting commonly generated by conventional processors.
  5. Once charging is complete and isolation valves are closed, the Rotosolver shuts off or slows down, while vacuum is maintained to allow complete deaeration and de-foaming to occur. Finally, after all parameters are satisfied, the tank is unloaded under atmospheric conditions.
How Vacuum Liqui-Processors Work

Standard Features:

  • One-piece high shear mix head for CIP applications (meets 3-A requirements)
  • Completely sealed all stainless bearing frame (optional) with vacuum flange (std.)
  • No wearing parts in the product zone
  • Optional all stainless motor
  • Optional speed controllers for blending control and shear adjustment
  • Rotosolver, Rotostat or Rotomixx sanitary mixer
  • Stainless steel wetted parts
  • Easy access sanitary bottom discharge without interference from drives or seals
  • Integrated system capabilities
  • Design / Build system installations
  • Professional engineering and design