R-Cap works hands on with our customers to provide them with complete process systems, that meet performance and quality expectations. R-Cap can offer a design to your exact specifications and install into your facility as well. With our established vendor relationship network that R-Cap represents, R-Cap has the ability to design and fabricate a system that works for you. Complete controls and automation are an option to add to any application, along with mounting all equipment on a skid frame for easy installation.

Above all, R-Cap has provided process systems to the following industries: FoodBeverageDairyChemicalPharmaceutical, Cosmetic, & Cannabis

Benefits of choosing R-Cap for your process systems:

Superior quality for welding and fabrication.
Cost and time savings as R-Cap handles component research and selection for you through existing vendor network.
Single PO for complete fabrication of your project.
Process efficiency by working with you to determine optimal footprint with consideration for process and maintenance needs.
Better lead times

R-Cap’s experience and expertise in the following:

Batch or Continuous Style Mixing
CIP (Clean-In-Place)
Powder Induction
Brine Processing
Bulk Bag Discharge
Solvent Recovery
Batch or Continuous Evaporation
Hot Water/Cooling Systems
Pneumatic Conveying
Product metering