Process Mixing Equipment

Process Cooling Equipment




Whether your product needs to be cooled or you need to create a lower temperature environment for more effective processing, R-Cap can help you with what you need. R-Cap partners with the best in the business to make sure your expectations are met at any degree.

Sterling offers a wide variety of Process Cooling Equipment that is suitable for almost any application. Units are designed to be portable and placed within a production facility, or can be placed outdoors where needed.

Portable/Packaged Chillers:

Ranging from ½ ton to 60 tons of chilling capacity, packaged chillers from Sterling have set the standard in process cooling.

GP Series 5 – 60 tons


SMC Series 0.5 – 3.5 Hp














Hybrid Adiabatic Cooling System

Sterling’s Adiabatic Hybrid Cooling System is a freeze proof solution that combines dry air cooling during the cooler months of the year with evaporative cooling during the warmer months, creating a true hybrid cooling system.

Hybrid Adiabatic Cooling System








Central Chillers:

Available in air-cooled, remote air-cooled and water-cooled models, Sterling offers a wide range of indoor chillers as well as outdoor chilling systems that free up valuable floor space and range from 10-100 ton cooling capacities. Sterling Central Chillers are designed to provide ease-of-maintenance for less downtime and utilize environmentally friendly refrigerant.


30RAP Series Outdoor Central Chiller

30RB Outdoor Central Chiller

High Efficiency Central Chiller










TRIDENT™ GS Series Central Chiller










Cooling Towers:

Sterling’s Cooling Tower Systems control water costs and mineral precipitation and offer unparalleled corrosion resistance, energy efficiency and performance. Fiberglass cooling towers provide 85 degree and higher cooling temperature and may reduce water consumption up to 98%. Metal cooling towers provide induced-draft.

SF Series Fiberglass Cooling Tower













SWK Series Supplemental Cooling System

Pump Tanks:

Sterling provides the broadest range of pre-engineered pump tank assemblies for chilled water systems and offer flexible designs that can be integrated with new or existing cooling systems.

Chilled Water Series Pump Tanks










Cooling Tower Series Pump Tanks