Process Mixing Equipment

Admix Sanitary Mixer

How can R-Cap help you mix your products better?

Since 1990, R-Cap has been an industry leader as a representative for sanitary industrial mixers. Whether you are adding powders into liquids to disperse and emulsify quickly, or need agitation to maintain a blended solution, we have you covered.

As a result, R-Cap has helped out many customers over time, providing them with efficient and effective solutions, that have greatly reduced mixing times and increased product quality by understanding their equipment needs. For that reason, ask R-Cap about trialing units in your facility or at a test laboratory to guarantee mixing capabilities!

Above all, R-Cap has provided mixing solutions to the following industries: Food, Beverage, Dairy, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, & Industrial








High Shear Mixers – In-tank, Laboratory, Bottom Mount to: mix, disperse, emulsify

Rotosolver High Shear Mixer

Rotostat High Shear Emulsifier

BenchMix Lab Mixer

FlowShear Bottom Mount Disperser



VacuShear – Vacuum Liqui-Processor

Inline Mixing & Milling – continuous blending, mixing, & milling


DynaShear Inline High Shear Mixer

Boston Shearmill High Intensity Wet Mill

Boston Shearpump Inline High Volume Mixer

MayoMill Mayonnaise and Dressings Processing










Admixer Sanitary Static Blender

Powder Induction

Fastfeed Powder Feed & Dispersion

Optifeed Atmospheric Feed System

PIC Atmospheric Feed System with work table

Low Shear Agitators

Rotomaxx II