Process Mixing Equipment

Admix FlowShear™ Bottom Mount Mixer

What is the Admix Flow Shear Bottom Mount?

The FlowShear bottom mount mixer delivers high shear and high flow in a compact design. With its unrivaled versatility, it enables processors to mix a wide range of batch sizes with minimal starting liquid levels.

Admix Flow Shear Bottom Mount

Therefore, the unique mixing head design provides high shear and superior flow by combining a rotor-stator with an optional impeller utilizing advanced Jetfoil™ technology.  This ultra sanitary machine provides maximum performance results to meet your most demanding processing needs and is now 3-A compliant.

Advantages of FlowShear

  • Accommodates low starting liquid level and small-batch capacity
  • Substantial reduction of air entrainment
  • 3-A compliant design
  • Reduces the need for secondary agitation; can be combined with scraped surface or counter-rotating agitators
  • Optimized for high viscosity cosmetics/personal care, pharmaceutical, and food products

How FlowShear Works

The FlowShear creates an ideal balance between high shear and high flow by controlling residence time within the work zones.  And, by generating high tank turnover rates through the vessel, reducing or eliminating the need for secondary agitation.

Thus, this innovative technology reduces batch times for a broad range of thin or viscous products and allows for maximum utilization of vessel geometry.  As a result, it allows full shear at volumes as low as 5% of finished tank volume, ideal for low water phases.