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AGC Heat Transfer- ProFlow Series Plate Heat Exchanger

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ProFlow Series Plate Heat Exchanger – Energy Savings, Quality/Strength, Flexibility, Innovative Design, Sanitary, 3A

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Pro5 Plus:

AGC Heat Transfer has made constant improvements to sanitary plate heat
exchanger designs. The Pro5Plus™ is designed to fit into existing APV R5 or
AGC Pro5 frames. The difference is the compressed dimension per plate.
The R5 and Pro5 have a wider gap than is required for most fluid milk and
Ice Cream or bi-product applications. By reducing the pressed depth to a modern,
typical dimension more plates can be installed in the same operating area.
This means more heat transfer and/or more processing capacity. WITHOUT
PIPING CHANGES. The plate is also designed with our standard chevron
pattern which provides greater strength. The added strength allows the plates
to be manufactured with a thinner gauge material for added efficiency.


  • Reduced Restriction Inlet – better for viscous products
    • Up to 26% pressure drop reduction when running viscous products
  • Replacement upgrade for APV R5 Models
  • Snap-In Gasket
    • Nitrile, EPDM, Viton
  • Lower Pressure Drop – Better CIP Response
  • Heavy Gauge 0.9MM, 316 SS
  • Great for products with particulates
  • Heat Transfer Area: 5.6 FT2
  • Volume: 0.72 gallons










  • Replacement upgrade plates for APV SR3 Models
  • Enlarged opening inlet design
  • Snap-In Gasket
    • Nitrile, EPDM, Viton
  • Heave Gauage 0.7MM, 316SS
  • Metal to Metal Alignmnet
  • Special Cleaning Channel for better CIP Response
  • Partially relieved gasket groove to reduce product to gasket contact area for better support


  • Replacement upgrade for APV SR2 Models
  • Improved free-flow inlet design
  • Snap-In Gasket
    • Nitrile, EPDM, Viton
  • Heave Gauage 0.7MM, 316SS
  • Wider Gap – Better for viscous products
  • Heat Transfer Area: 1.87 Ft2
  • Volume: 0.16 gallons

ProFlow Innovation Design: