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Haffmans Keg & Bottle Washing Monitors

Haffmans Keg Monitor, type KEG 2.0

Haffmans Keg Monitor

The Haffmans Keg Monitor, type KEG 2.0 travels with the other kegs through the keg washer and evaluates its performance. A windows-based PC-program processes the data, providing you a complete picture of the keg washing process.


  • Perfect process control
    • Independent medium to control the performance of the keg washer
    • New and improved software for faster and better process insights
  • Cost saving
    • Optimizing energy consumption; the existence of superheated steam can be eliminated
  • Fast charging
    • Wireless charging in less than 10 minutes generates 18+ hours of operating time
  • Low maintenance
    • Easy calibration
  • Easy handling
    • Wireless data transfer with Bluetooth
  • System can be customized to your desired keg size – Different keg sizes available


The Haffmans Keg Monitor, type KEG 2.0, consists of a specially prepared keg with a handy or charger and a dock station. The Keg Monitor travels among the other kegs through the keg washer and monitors its performance. It measures the temperature of the incoming product, the temperature of the product leaving the keg, the temperature of the keg wall, and the pressure inside the keg. In addition, the data logger continuously registers the position of the keg in the cleaning process.

After the process is finished, the handy is put onto the keg and the data is wirelessly transferred. Subsequently, the handy is placed on the dock and the stored data can be directly printed or uploaded to a PC. The software processes the measured values and further checks whether the steam was superheated, which reduces the sterilization effect. All results are displayed in a tabular and graphical format, which can be printed and/or stored.

Two configurations of the HAFFMANS KEG MONITOR, TYPE KEG 2.0 are available.

    • Easy configuration and data transferring with Handy
    • No distance limitations between KEG Logger and PC
    • Configuration from PC and data transferring with Charger
    • Maximum 10 meter distance between KEG Logger and PC
    • Cost-efficient solution especially for small and craft operations
Haffmans Bottle Washing Monitor

Haffmans Bottle Washing Monitor

The Haffmans Bottle Washing Monitor, type BTM monitors the bottle washing process and measures both temperature and conductivity as a function of time.


  • Perfect process control
  • Cost saving
    • Information about condition of bottle cleaner
    • Optimization of energy and caustic consumption

Evaluating the cleaning of returnable bottles in breweries and soft drink production plants is an important aspect of quality assurance before filling. There is a significant risk that bottles might be contaminated by foreign substances. Bottle washing is therefore an essential process in the packaging line.

The BTM travels among the other bottles through the bottle washer and evaluates its performance. After the process is finished, an LED on the bottom of the monitor indicates whether the cleaning process met the requirements programmed in the BTM. The measured data can be transferred to a PC via a docking station. The software processes the measured value and displays it in tabular and graphical formats, which can be printed and/or stored.


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