Diaf Pilvad High Speed Mixers for Admix

R-Cap is now a manufacture’s representative for Diaf Pilvad. We are here to service Chemical and Industrial Processors as Diaf Pilvad has become a part of Admix.

Diaf Pilvad high speed mixers are designed to effectively disperse powders into liquids from a laboratory batch size, all the way through scalable production models.

Production high speed dispersers are designed for pre-mixing, dispersion, and finishing batches up to 1,000 gallons.

Power efficient for mixing with a powered hydraulic hoist for raising and lowering, with built in safety features.

Available with Class 1-2 Div. 1-2 explosion proof motors to meet criteria for hazardous environments.

paint manufacturing machine

  • Low Maintenance, Low Power Consumption
  • Dual and triple shaft with sweep agitation available
  • Vacuum capable units

Applications include high speed dispersion for low to medium viscosity formulas and high shear dispersion for high viscosity, thixotropic formulas.

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