R-Cap Sanitary Mix Tank

R-Cap 25 Gal. Sanitary Mix Tank Features: Mobile Skid Mounted with Hardy Load Cells Rated for Class 1, Division 1 Environments Temperature, Weigh Process, & VFD Drive Display Clean-In-Place (CIP) Ready Jacketed for Heat Transfer Scraper Agitator Installed    

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Solvent Recovery Skid by R-Cap

Solvent Recovery Skid by R-Cap now available! Scale up to meets today’s processing requirements. Custom Sizing & Design Available PLC Automation Controlled Decarboxylation Capable Clean-In-Place (CIP) Our high quality and engineered designs will be fit your needs for processing oils

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Hot Water on Demand

EZ Skid™ Standard Product Description – By Hydro-Thermal EZ Skid The EZ Skid is an integrated, compact pre-engineered heating system, utilizing the direct steam injection EZ Heater. All components needed for correct application are included; simply connect to plant utilities: steam,

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R-Cap is top Sales Representative for Admix

R-Cap named top Sales Representative for Admix Yet again, R-Cap is proud to receive the Outstanding Sales Achievement Award from Admix. For over 25 years, R-Cap has been a reliable representative for Admix, ranking # 1 in sales and service

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Powder Induction Skid with Bag Dump Station

R-Cap’s mobile Powder Induction Skid with bag dump station is designed to handle powders mixing into liquid, that are easily airborne when poured. This bag dump station directly feeds a liquid process pipe, where powders are quickly inducted by a

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Chemical Mixing – Admix

Admix Chemical Mixing Admix’s CPI mixing equipment is ideal for dispersing ceramics, deagglomerating powders into primary particles, and eliminating fisheyes for more uniform end products. Whether you need high shear or low shear, Admix mixers have been instrumental across numerous

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Single Shell Sanitary Tank

R-Cap is finishing up its latest single shell sanitary tank for a valued customer. How can we help your process with sanitary tanks? Guaranteed better pricing and faster lead times on single shell sanitary tanks than any other fabricator.

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Process Skid Surge Tank Installation

We are working towards finishing up our latest installation on our Surge Tank Process Skid! Most noteworthy, there is complete process automation for this process skid with all stainless steel fabrication. Contact R-Cap for all your Process Systems needs. An

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DYNASHEAR Sanitary Inline Mixer and Emulsifier

DYNASHEAR Sanitary Inline Mixer and Emulsifier Unmixed ingredients left behind by your conventional mixer? A single pass through the DynaShear ensures instantly smooth, higher quality product. No more downstream strainers, filters, or heat exchanger burn-on, therefore less maintenance! Highly efficient

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Clean In Place (CIP) Skid System by R-Cap

Is your facility exploring ways to improve process and production efficiencies? One way to go about this would be to have Clean-In-Place capabilities. This method will allow you to clean interior surfaces of your facility’s process equipment without disassembly. Check

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