Single Shell Sanitary Tank

R-Cap is finishing up its latest single shell sanitary tank for a valued customer. How can we help your process with sanitary tanks? Guaranteed better pricing and faster lead times on single shell sanitary tanks than any other fabricator.

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Process Skid Surge Tank Installation

We are working towards finishing up our latest installation on our Surge Tank Process Skid! Most noteworthy, there is complete process automation for this process skid with all stainless steel fabrication. Contact R-Cap for all your Process Systems needs. An

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DYNASHEAR Sanitary Inline Mixer and Emulsifier

Unmixed ingredients left behind by your conventional mixer? A single pass through the DynaShear ensures instantly smooth, higher quality product. No more downstream strainers, filters, or heat exchanger burn-on, therefore less maintenance! Highly efficient continuous mixing Axial and radial stators

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Clean In Place (CIP) Skid System by R-Cap

Is your facility exploring ways to improve process and production efficiencies? One way to go about this would be to have Clean-In-Place capabilities. This method will allow you to clean interior surfaces of your facility’s process equipment without disassembly. Check

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Portable Heated Mixing Kettle Skids by R-CAP

Are you trying to mix different recipes of products in various areas of your facility? Check out R-Cap’s Portable Heated Mixing Kettle Skids below, and let us fabricate a custom solution for you today! Portable Heated Mixing Kettle Skids by R-CAP Jacketed, open top,

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R-Cap now offers Brine Induction Mixing Systems

Check out R-Cap’s sanitary Brine Induction Mixing System! This design inducts flavor enhancing powders & seasonings directly into a process line, which is then transferred directly into a mix tank, through our automation & controls. This process produces a consistent

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R-Cap consistently a top sales representative for Admix over last 25 years

We are proud to say that R-Cap has been a consistent representative for Admix for over 25 years now, ranking # 1 in sales and service performance in the country for a grand majority of those years. Talk to us

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R-Cap Tours Michigan Craft Breweries with Pentair-Haffmans Gehaltebus

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R-Cap teaming up with Admix at the 2018 International Powder & Bulk Solids Expo!

We are at the International Powder & Bulk Solids Expo in Rosemont, IL with our partner, Admix this week! Stop by booth 2824 to learn how to properly induct powders into liquids fast & effectively, without fish-eyes or clumps!

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R-Cap tours Chicagoland craft breweries with Pentair on the Haffmans Gehaltebus

As the local distributor, R-Cap was able to team up with Pentair over the last two days, to take the Haffmans BV Gehaltebus around Chicagoland craft breweries. We were able to demonstrate with a variety of Haffmans products, the importance behind measuring CO2, O2,

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