Vacuum Conveyors

PIAB Vacuum Conveying – Pneumatic Conveying

  • Vacuum Conveying for powders
  • Vacuum conveying for granular products
  • Vacuum conveying for pharmaceutical pills, tablets and powders
  • Vacuum conveying for sanitary food and 3A applications.
  • Well suited for single product or multiple product batching applications
  • Vacuum conveying is also often refered to as Pneumatic Conveying
  • Great for solving ergonomic issues to eliminate lifting.
  • Stainless Steel conveyors for sanitary and corrosion resistance.
  • Operation on Compressed Air and Gases
  • Electricity not required for operation

To view a typical vacuum conveying system – Click here


Acetylsalicylic acid Gun powder Resin powder
Aerosol Gypsum Rice
Aluminium oxide Iron oxide Rubber granules
Aluminium stearate Kieselguhr Rye flour
Baron acid Lactose Salt
Brewer’s yeast Lime Sand
Calcium chloride Magnesium oxide Senegal potash
Calcium stearate Maize flour Silica
Calcium nitrate Maize, grains Soap flakes
Carbon, active Maize starch Sodium perborate
Carrots, dried Malt Sodium sulphate
Caustic soda Manganese dioxide Soya flour
Cellulose powder Melt glue granules Spices
Citric acid Micromaya Sprinkles
Coco beans Milk powder Starch
Coco powder Muesli Sugar, granulated
Coconut flakes Mustard seeds Talc
Coffee Nib sugar Tea
Coffee beans Nickel powder Tensides
Color powder Nuts Titanium dioxide, TiO2
Detergents Peas Tungsten carbide
Dextrose Penicillin powder Urea granules/powder
Dicalite Plastic granules wall paper glue
Fat substance powder Plumbeous oxide Wheat flour
Filter material Polyester pellets Zinc oxide
Fish food Polyethene powder Zinc stearate
Fish food pellets Potato flour Zinc white
Gelatin powder Potato starch
Graphite powder PVC powder


This website shows just a small sample of the products we provide.  If you don’t see some specific product on this website, just contact us.  It’s our job to design the solution for you.  We work with you to solve your processing equipment needs.