Single Shell

Kettle body without heat transfer surface and can be designed with any agitator.

Jacketed Kettle (heat transfer surface)

Kettle body with heat transfer surface to provide heating or cooling, typically heat transfer media used are steam, hot oil, hot water, chilled water, or glycol solution. Heat transfer surface can be on both the hemispherical bottom and sidewall as desired.


Tilting Kettle

Describes a kettle where either the agitator assembly will tilt out of the kettle bowl or the kettle bowl will tilt for discharge or can be a combination of both.



The product zone suitable for processing under negative pressure (vacuum conditions) typically for deareation, low temperature evaporation or vacuum cooling. This type of vessel is also often referred to as Vacuum Processor.



The product zone suitable for processing under positive pressure conditions typically to create processing temperatures above the normal boiling point of a product. This type of vessel is also often referred to as a Reactor.



The outside of the vessel is covered with low chloride fiberglass or mineral wool, finished with outer stainless steel shell. This is to retain heat, reduce heat in process area or provide operator protection.


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