Chilling Systems

Manufactured by: Sterling , Sterlco, ACS

Recirculated Chiller Packages – Portable and Central Systems – ½ to 200 Tons Capacity

SWK Series Winter Kooler is an outdoor supplemental water / glycol chilling unit. This Fluid Cooler can be used as a stand-alone system, for a clean, closed loop heat transfer alternative to a Cooling Tower . Or for Northern climates, these units can automatically and efficiency be used to air-cool chilled water, giving a typical payback of 1 – 2 years in energy savings gained from not running chiller compressors, during colder months.

Sterlco STWM Series Water Management System is a complete system that automatically controls Scale, Corrosion and Micro-biological fouling in both open and closed recirculating cooling water systems.


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