Brewery Equipment

R-Cap is your distributor for Brewery Quality Control Equipment and specialized applications that are ergonomically beneficial to your operators.

R-Cap is knowledgeable and has experience with Brewery Equipment listed below. R-Cap will help you improve quality in your brewery.






Pentair Haffmans Quality Control – CO2/O2/TPO/Turbidity/Foam Meters, Pasteurization & Washing, Carbonation Systems, CO2 Recovery

Automatic Inpack TPO/CO2 Meters

Foam Stability Tester

Inline: CO2, O2, & Turbidity Meters

Keg & Bottle Washing Monitors

Gehaltemeter – CO2 & O2 Meters

Carbonation Control Systems

Pasteurization Monitor







Inpack Sampling Device (ISD) for TPO










Non-Invasive CO2 Meter










Inpack CO2 Calculator and Meter


Turbidity Meter

Total Package Analyzer

















Ampco Applied Products – Rolech DH – Hop Induction

Ampco Pump carts






Vaculex  –  Vacuum Lifting System for Kegs, Packages, or Bags