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Sterling High Efficiency Central Chillers

R-Cap offers Sterling’s latest in efficient, reliable Central Chilling Systems. Combining smart technology with modular capabilities, these chillers are designed to reduce downtime and grow with expanding application needs. Individual unit cooling capacities range from 20 – 120 tons and can be paralleled to reach up to 600 tons.

Pilot Scale Mixer – High Shear for Smaller Batches

The Admix RS-02 high shear pilot mixer offers processors an excellent solution for product development, formula optimization, trial mixtures and small production runs. This popular pilot scale mixer has a redesigned, easy to operate lift stand, and is portable, making it easier to transport within your product development test labs and production areas.

RS-02 Features:

  • Patented high shear Rotosolver mixer
  • Optimal shear and flow patterns
  • Large hand crank for adjusting mixer height
  • Sturdy and mobile lift stand
  • Wide base for added stability
  • Fits through standard doorways
  • Simple installation – use immediately!
  • 20-gallon / 75-liter batch capacity
  • Low power consumption
  • Scale-up is guaranteed!*
  • Suitable for every industry
  • Quick Ship configuration ships in 2 days


The RS-02 includes our patented Rotosolver®, the market’s most effective mixer for wetting out and dispersing powders. The Rotosolver head is engineered to provide the optimal balance between shear & flow so your mixtures are completely homogenous, emulsified, and agglomerate-free in under 10 minutes.

Take advantage of our complimentary remote, live, interactive lab tests for mixing your ingredients in our RS-02 Pilot Mixer! 2-week on-site equipment trial programs are also an option – let your operators try it out!

Contact R-Cap today for more information!

R-Cap is here to support your business

To our valued customers:

We understand your operations are critical during this time. As we hope everyone remains safe and healthy, we would like to inform you that all R-CAP Process Equipment, Inc. offices and personnel will remain open and fully operational to help with any of equipment and parts needs for your processing facility.

R-CAP has been recognized by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as an essential business during the COVID-19 response. Therefore, with our designation as a “Critical Infrastructure Supplier”, R-CAP will  continue with normal operations, appropriately modified to account for Centers for Disease Control (CDC) workforce and customer protection guidance.

During these critical and sensitive times, we are proud to continue to serve essential businesses in our country that continue to keep our citizens healthy and safe. Please let your local R-Cap representative know how they can be of further assistance.

Please contact us at 847-382-3003 or contact us through our website.

Hot Water on Demand

EZ SkidStandard Product Description – By Hydro-Thermal

EZ Skid

The EZ Skid is an integrated, compact pre-engineered heating system, utilizing the direct steam injection EZ Heater. All components needed for correct application are included; simply connect to plant utilities: steam, water, air and power.

» Available in 5 standard sizes with ratings to 1,350 GPM [306 m /hr]

» Highly compact to meet space constraints

» Pre-designed and partially stocked for short lead time

EZ Heater

» Patented design for effective heat transfer, utilizing internal modulation for precise temperature control and predictable results. See “EZ Heater Product Brochure” for further details.

» Designed using the choked flow principle for excellent steam/water mixing, stable and self-cleaning operation.

» Utilizes an internal seal that meets Class II leakage requirements.

» Units are equipped with electro-pneumatic positioners (Fisher DVC6200AC on 3”, 4”, and 6” units; DVC2000AC on smaller units).

Steam and Water Piping Components

» Provided with an automatic on/off steam valve, which isolates steam when the unit is disabled. This is a high-performance

» Provided with a steam strainer to prevent damage to system components. Includes manual blow off valves.

» Steam inlet piping complete with drip leg, thermostatic steam trap and blow-off valve to prevent condensate accumulation during start-up and shutdowns.

» Includes check valves on the steam and water supply to assure that under upset conditions, water will not enter the steam piping or steam will not enter the upstream water piping. Check valves are spring-assisted silent check valves.


» Paddle wheel flow sensor is used to measure water flow, serving as a protective device for no-flow condition. This also enables flow logging      through the Hydro-Thermal controller.

» Temperature elements: PT100 RTD or thermocouple direct immersion temperature sensors on water inlet and outlet.

» Provided with pressure gauges for the steam and water piping. Isolation valves provided, along with steam siphon on the steam lines

Ratings and Material of Construction

» The EZ Heater and all components are rated for 150 psig [10 barg]. The EZ Heater is rated at 195 psig [13.4 barg] at 400°F [205°C].

» EZ Heater bodies are cast 316 Stainless Steel, with 316L internals.

» Water piping is 304 Stainless steel, sch 40. Steam piping is carbon steel, sch.40.

» The frame is welded tubing, 304 Stainless steel.

» Steam system components are carbon steel, with stainless steel internals as required for performance.

» Some components utilize carbon steel bodies with stainless steel trim (larger check valves, automatic on/off steam valves, pumps, etc).


Hydro-Thermal proprietary controller is designed to respond to a wide range of flow conditions with a high degree of accuracy. The controller is designed as a dedicated control for the EZ Skid, with some plant interface possible. See “SMART Controller” for further details.

Accuracy of temperature control depends on flow turn-down and flow rate variation. Highly variable or rapidly changing flows require a re-circulation pump and fast response features. We can recommend the most cost-effective controls for your application.


» The EZ Skid can be provided with an optional internal re-circulation pump, designed to handle high turn-down or rapidly varying flow rates. The pumps can also be provided for plant re-circulation, to maintain the water piping system at design temperature.

  • Pumps are industrial-class, stainless steel casings with stainless steel internals rated for the system temperatures and pressures. Pump design flow and head dependent on application.

» Fast-response feature might require a re-circulation pump.

» Back-pressure valve for closed loop applications can be integrally-mounted.

» Special materials or components available upon request, but will extend lead time.


» Steam and Water – see the proposal sizing sheet for details

» Instrument Air: 60 psig [4 barg], clean dry air needed

» Electric:

  • Controller – 120VAC, 1-phase, 5A
  • Recirculation Pump – 230/460VAC, 3-phase (horsepower dependent on application)

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R-Cap is top Sales Representative for Admix

R-Cap named top Sales Representative for Admix

Yet again, R-Cap is proud to receive the Outstanding Sales Achievement Award from Admix. For over 25 years, R-Cap has been a reliable representative for Admix, ranking # 1 in sales and service in the country for a vast majority of those years.

Talk to R-Cap today about your next application that requires: high shear mixing, powder induction, or particle size reduction! We can help you!

Powder Induction Skid with Bag Dump Station

R-Cap’s mobile Powder Induction Skid with bag dump station is designed to handle powders mixing into liquid, that are easily airborne when poured. This bag dump station directly feeds a liquid process pipe, where powders are quickly inducted by a vacuum, that is created from the pump on the skid. The liquid slurry is then uniformly dispersed to remove any clumps or fisheyes, with an in-line Admix DynaShear.

Powders can be inducted up to 200 lbs. per minute.

Chemical Mixing – Admix

Admix Chemical Mixing

Admix’s CPI mixing equipment is ideal for dispersing ceramics, deagglomerating powders into primary particles, and eliminating fisheyes for more uniform end products. Whether you need high shear or low shear, Admix mixers have been instrumental across numerous applications including the emulsion and dispersion of polymers, plastics, adhesives, resins, polyols, and many other compounds.

We would like to help you by:

  • Cutting batch times in half
  • Improving product quality
  • Improving yields
  • Lowering energy consumption
  • Reducing product waste

Let our applications experts help you with a customized solution for mixing powders into liquid or simply reducing particle size. Contact R-Cap today.

Process Skid Surge Tank Installation

We are working towards finishing up our latest installation on our Surge Tank Process Skid! Most noteworthy, there is complete process automation for this process skid with all stainless steel fabrication.

Contact R-Cap for all your Process Systems needs. An R-Cap representative would be happy to come on site to talk with you on your next process skid.



2018 Surge Tank Process Skid Installation